Tuesday, July 11, 2017


We interrupt our regular programme to bring you this exciting - non-Angel related- update:

The Infinite Collage has been updated, with 4.19m of all new collage stuff - thus bringing us to approx 75m/ 246 feet in length.

As you may or may not know, The Infinite Collage is a project my buddy Mat Blackwell and I have been working on for eight years now. It is a very, VERY long picture we build, taking turns in its construction. I could say all kinds of things about it (eg: it is longer than a blue whale), but instead you should just go see it:

Things like the image below await you there...

"DADA has clogged my nose."

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How it could've been...

Hey friends,

Here's a behind-the-scenes exclusive: dialogue before it was dialogue. That is, before I settled on the method of blanking out existing words, I tried some other ways of conveying dialogue since the focus of this comic is the images, with the words being there as illustrations/ coz people want it/ red herring, etc.

So here's what was Idea #1, colours for speech:

good idea, but since I printed the comic in BW, it wasn't going to work.

Idea #2, recurring objects in speech bubbles - again, great idea, but very time-consuming:

Then I thought, since the dialogue is largely irrelevant, why not jibberish? But again, veeeery time-consuming: 

So I instead just blank out existing words, which creates new dialogue without adding anything to it. The results are either funny, weird, juvenile or - something. Idea #4:

So there ya have it. More of this sweet-sweet chop-chop poetry - soon.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

What a mess...

Okay there's definitely more Angel coming soon...
I was just going through a bunch of files to sort out what's coming next - coz the order the pix are made in - is not the order they're published in. Don't ask.
Anyhoo - in the meantime I've moved house and have gone to Japan a few times, plus took a break from it all on purpose, so what I've found is a mess - I've spread all this work over two computers and three hard drives... so it's gotten sloppy. It'll take a few days to sort it all out, match up filenames with actual images, etc - BUT - issue #11 is definitely under construction, w. #12 close behind.
Until then, why don't you scope the tumblr site and click FOLLOW. Plz and TQ.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Hello friends!
In case you're on tumblr (like me, tryina stay "hip wid da kids, yo"), the Angel has a tumblr site:

(link opens in new tab/ window)

It's pretty much just the comic, for behind-the-scenes stuff and all the other extras, stay tuned to this blog. (This is subject to change of course, but we'll see.)

Anyhoo - follow me on tumblr! DO IT.

What is it? (NSFW)

I googled "Micturating Angel" and I found this:

Kids, it's all about dental hygiene here, now innit?

It's hilariously brrrilliant - I don't get it, but it's awesome. It's WHY it's awesome. And it fits with the Angel too. Ha!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

New work on the Angel comic...

Hi everyone!

Long time no update. I've moved house, but am happy to say - work on the continuing adventures of the Angel(s) has begun.
Here's some photos from the new studio:

I hope Uncle gets better, but to me he seems very happy...